Tour one – Now Cancelled

Castilla y Leon

Salamanca and the Serra da Estrela, Portugal

9th June 2020 | 7 nights

Tour two – Now Cancelled

The Vosges and Black Forest

Not quite the Alps but very nearly, ride the amazing B500!

25th July 2020 | 8 nights

Tour three – Now Cancelled

The Swiss Alps

Ride the seven most famous mountain passes in Switzerland

22nd August 2020 | 8 nights

Tour four

Aragon and the Pyrenees

The Spanish and French Pyrenees.

15th September 2020 | 7 nights

Tour five

The MSL Spanish ‘Pico’s’ Classic

Sensational, twisty, smooth mountain roads, stunning views!

6th October 2020 | 7 nights

Tour six

La Belle Etoile

La Belle Etoile, large French farmhouse, Poitou-Charente

16th July 2020 | 4nights

13th Aug 2020 | 4nights

10th Sept 2020 | 4nights